CGCookie - 水与火爆Water and Firestorm

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10010110399102 内容介绍: In this series for 3ds max we’ll talk about...
10010110399102 内容介绍: In this series for 3ds max we’ll talk about water and fire, preparing an interesting tutorials to work on ocean simulation and a firestorm all around Water and Firestorm content: Part 1: In Water and Firestorm video we’ll try to create a night scene over the sea level with a firestorm all around. We’ll prepare the ocean level using the HOT, (Houdini Ocean Toolkit), plug-in, then we’ll start preparing the basic fire setup, it will be based on two layers, one done using an object emitter and FumeFX, the second one will be done using Particle Flow. Part 2: In Part 2 of Water and Firestorm, we’ll tweak the sea level using two different HOT modifiers to have a more complex waves simulation, then we’ll tweak the FumeFX parameters to have a more detailed simulation for the basic fire level. Then we’ll be back on PFlow setup fixing it to have a good particle layer that can drive the fire/smoke simulation, and we’ll use it in a new FumeFX layer trying to have a good starting point to work at the firestorm wall. In Part 3 we’ll focus on this part of the simulation. Part 3: In Part 3 of Water and Firestorm, we’ll work at the wall of fire FumeFX setup, we’ll fix all the fire parameters to have the rotating storm, with smoke simulation. We’ll tweak rendering colors, density, illumination and wavelet turbulence cache to have more details. Then we’ll start preparing some additional particle debris layer with Particle Flow. Part 4: In part 4 of Water and Firestorm series, we’ll tune the lower FumeFX layer, then we’ll work at the camera animation to have a little movement, and we’ll check it using viewport preview. Then we’ll tweak the particles layers working mainly to have two ash layers one for glowing particles and one for black ashes. At then end we’ll start tuning rendering stuff and State Sets passes. Part 5: In final part of Water and Firestorm, we’ll tweak a little bit both FumeFX rendering parameters to have better look in rendering, and nice result on passes, so we’ll setup some Render elements to tweak it in compositing as specular, reflections, zdepth etc etc. Then we’ll move in Fusion to prepare the final comp. 官方地址: ... d-firestorm-part-5/ 下载地址: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:FA105A176F4C0B4419B2ABF6526242ED6903167C&dn=CGCookie%20Water%20and%20Firestorm_2013 [补种可通过下方评论留言迅速充值VIP下载全网资源, 连接失效或丢失, 我们会及时补种]


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