dashu 2018-04-13发布 9663次浏览 189条评论 3人采集 给作者打赏国币 0 0 内容介绍: In this tutorial we wi... 内容介绍: In this tutorial we will learn how to create an animated robotic title sequence. Throughout these lessons we will use a combination of Maya, After Effects and Photoshop to do everything from the modeling, animating, texturing, lighting and rendering of an animated title sequence. By the end of this tutorial you'll have an understanding of the knowledge required to create a robotic title sequence from start to finish. 官方地址: 下载地址: [补种可通过下方评论留言迅速充值VIP下载全网资源, 连接失效或丢失, 我们会及时补种]

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