Gnomon Workshop-modo三维视觉开发(3D Look Dev

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本教程是使用modo软件,来进行照片模拟教学。是一套比较全面的教学。想使用modo软件的同志们你们的福利来了。废话不多说上图 5967 59685969 内容介绍: In this tutorial...
本教程是使用modo软件,来进行照片模拟教学。是一套比较全面的教学。想使用modo软件的同志们你们的福利来了。废话不多说上图 5967 59685969 内容介绍: In this tutorial, Andras Kavalecz demonstrates how to develop a 2D concept by Stephen Change into 3D using Modo. Andras will guide the viewer through the entire process from modeling, UV layout, painting textures, replicators, lighting, shading and rendering. The goals of this demonstration is to showcase Modo's "artist-friendly" and intuitive workflow and to share how Modo can bridge 2D concept art with 3D look development - empowering the 2D concept artist with the flexibility of 3D. Andras Kavalecz 3D Artist Andras Kavalecz is a professional 3D artist with over 19 years of experience creating digital art for the broadcast and games industries. His visual effects work can be seen in TV series such as Fringe, Person of Interest, Grimm, Almost Human and Agents of SHIELD. He has worked at such studios as LucasArts, Electronic Arts, Passion Pictures and many others. During his career, Andras has gathered production experience using various leading applications and has also helped to develop in-house proprietary software. Topics Covered Modeling UV Mapping Material Setup Texturing Shading Rendering Volumetric Clouds and Dust HDR Chapters 01. Introduction 02. Tires 03. Truck Part A 04. Truck Part B 05. Positioning Truck and Buildings 06. Ground 07. UVs Part A 08. UVs Part B 09. Material Setup Part A 10. Material Setup Part B 11. Procedurals 12. Texturing Splatter 13. Texturing Tire 14. Updating Textures 15. Update Tire Texture 16. Shading The Buildings 17. AO Passes and Render Passes 18. Volumetric Final Clouds 19. Volume Dust and HDR 官方网址: 下载地址: 链接: 密码: ogws 论坛名言:誓将分享进行到底,请记住我们的网站 论坛因有你而精彩,希望大家能踊跃分享自己的私房东西,谢谢大家 [补种可通过下方评论留言迅速充值VIP下载全网资源, 连接失效或丢失, 我们会及时补种]


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