DT_10种高级maya渲染技巧(Top 10 Rendering

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36 内容介绍: 在这一系列的玛雅教程中,我们将讨论有关的几个概念和工具,将帮助您得到最想要的渲染效果。玛雅有许多的功能,如果使用得当,可以在渲染速度和渲染质量带来了丰厚的收益。在许多渲染中,为了得到适当的照明效果,这些概念是非常重要的。本系列教程将讨论的话题,如情...
36 内容介绍: 在这一系列的玛雅教程中,我们将讨论有关的几个概念和工具,将帮助您得到最想要的渲染效果。玛雅有许多的功能,如果使用得当,可以在渲染速度和渲染质量带来了丰厚的收益。在许多渲染中,为了得到适当的照明效果,这些概念是非常重要的。本系列教程将讨论的话题,如情景规模,以及它为什么是的渲染和照明设置的重要组成部分。我们将学习如何线性工作流可以用来实现更逼真的照明效果,我们将要学习的运动矢量信息来创建渲染和合成瞬时运动模糊效果全过程,和许多额外的工具和技术,几乎您遇到任何渲染项目,这会相当有用的。 In this series of Maya tutorials, we will talk about several concepts and tools that will help you get the most out of your Maya renders. Maya has a number of features that, when used properly, can yield huge gains in render speed and in render quality. Many of these concepts are critically important in order to get proper lighting results in your renders. This series of tutorial will discuss topics like scene scale, and why it's such an important part of your rendering and lighting setup. We'll learn how a linear workflow can be used to achieve much more realistic lighting results, we'll learn the entire process of rendering and compositing with motion vector information to create instantaneous motion-blurring effects, and many additional tools and techniques that will be useful in almost any rendering project that you encounter. 官方网址:http://www.digitaltutors.com/11/training.php?pid=797 下载地址: 链接:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qWwHnJY 密码:thm1 [补种可通过下方评论留言迅速充值VIP下载全网资源, 连接失效或丢失, 我们会及时补种]

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