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454545464547454845494550 内容介绍: In this series of...
454545464547454845494550 内容介绍: In this series of lessons, we will take an introductory look at the powerful Arnold renderer for Maya. We will begin by taking an in-depth look at some of the different render settings found in Arnold, and their importance in governing the final look and quality of your rendered images. From there, we will learn how to begin working with specialized Arnold light attributes, setting up image-based lighting, as well as using Arnold's built-in sky shaders. We will also learn how to control depth of field and motion blur within Arnold, rendering with volumetric effects such as fog and smoke, rendering your scene into multiple passes for compositing purposes, as well as many other tools, topics and features that will be invaluable as you begin your journey through this very powerful rendering application. 官方地址: 下载地址: 链接: 密码:wuc8 [补种可通过下方评论留言迅速充值VIP下载全网资源, 连接失效或丢失, 我们会及时补种]

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