Vray完整指南 - Francesco Legrenzi

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本帖最后由 素年锦时 于 2013-12-27 23:39 编辑 6012 Vray的完全指南 - 第二版是世界上第一本完整讲述VRay的书刊。其目的...
本帖最后由 素年锦时 于 2013-12-27 23:39 编辑 6012 Vray的完全指南 - 第二版是世界上第一本完整讲述VRay的书刊。其目的是提供专家级的高级支持,很多时候,我们花费很多时间寻找一个特定参数的含义。仅仅具有一些“预置”是不够的:必须理解并具有日常使用的工具的知识。这是让你可以面对越来越困难的任务的唯一途径。 Vray的完全指南 - 第二版诞生得益于2年的辛勤工作,在此期间我们试图生产出高品质的手册,致力于Vray的用户。不只是一个基本的命令列表,而是一种特殊的工具,通过技术和理论部分,1060页, 2300张的图像和3200张效果图对本手册进行明确注释,同时.mov格式的​​32段动画,也将帮助你理解vray的详细参数。 VRay - THE COMPLETE GUIDE - Second Edition is the first book in the world completely devoted to VRay. Its aim is to provide an advanced support for the specialists in this branch. All too often we lose a lot of time searching the meaning of a particular parameter. Who hasn\'t spent entire days trying to understand what was wrong with their rendering? Having some “presets” is not enough: it is necessary to understand and have knowledge of the tools daily used. This is the only way thanks to which you\'ll be able to face more and more difficult tasks. VRay - THE COMPLETE GUIDE - Second Edition was born thanks to two year\'s hard work, during which we tried to produce a high-quality handbook committed to VRay\'s users. Not just a basic list of commands, but a special tool, composed by technical and theoretical parts, by which you\'ll be carried away! You\'ll be able to find, through 1060 pages, 2300 images and 3200 renderings expressly created for this handbook. Enclosed you\'ll also find a DVD-ROM containing 32 animations in .mov format, bearing examples otherwise impossible to understand via images only. The SECOND EDITION, is available only in PDF digital format and contains upgrade to VRay 1.5 SP3a, with 30 new pages paper unpublished. For a research there is a full interactive index. Now you can quickly reach any part of the book with one click.作者: Francesco Legrenzi 页数: 大约1000页 尺寸: A4 纸张: 80g glossy 封面: 精装硬皮书 线装本 重量: 2.9 Kg 规格: 20x28x5cm 额外内容: DVD 包含场景动画和从书中精选的高清晰图片(DVD暂时没有) 价格: 119 欧元(折合人民币1076元)+ 邮资另算 发行日期: 2008 年2月 英语版发行时间: 2008 年11月 本书分为9章: 01. 前言 02. CG 发展史 03. VRay: 渲染- PART 1 04. VRay: 渲染 - PART 2 05. VRay: 材质和贴图 06. VRay: 摄像机与灯光 07. VRay: 对象 & 环境 08. VRay: 渲染元素 09. VRay: 更新 链接: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o6tx0Yu 密码: jhy1

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