Shlece_神级室内Vray 3.0渲染教学(Architectu

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6960 内容介绍: This Tutorial includes over 7 hours of training. Difficulty Level : Advanced Main Software Used in, Modeling, Simulation :...
6960 内容介绍: This Tutorial includes over 7 hours of training. Difficulty Level : Advanced Main Software Used in, Modeling, Simulation : ArchiCAD, 3Ds Max, Marvelous Designer, MeshLab (free) Rendering : V-ray 3.0 Post Production : Photoshop The tutorial will cover, In Modeling : Customizing the UI using scripts. Using Marvelous Designer to model every peace of resting furniture; all the couches , sofas, pillows, chair. Spline modeling in conjunction with some modifiers , including ; tables, the floor lamp, vases, wall clock. Using V-ray fur for the floor carpet. Using ATree free script to create flowers and plants. Using V-ray displacement to create cutouts. Optimizing V-ray displacement to areas that are seen through the camera for memory optimization. Using ArchiCAD to model the building and refining in 3Ds Max. Using some free scripts to place books in bookshelf randomly. Using Animation tools to scatter objects on our models. Using graphite modeling tool-set In Shading : Using V-ray blend to create complex materials . Using quick scripts to interactively see the results of complex textures without the need of full rendering. Using V-ray 2 sided to create translucency for objects. Using worn out edges with the use of V-ray displacement and V-ray Dirt. Optimizing all scene materials to have the best quality n the least rendering time. Most of the materials in the scene are made of complicated shading networks In Rendering: Using V-ray 3.0′s new features that will help in rendering this scene faster and modifiable. Get use of all different V-ray lights and how to optimize those and a general lighting solution which will work in many interior scenes. Rendering many different render passes including masks for all materials, separating lights, reflection, refraction and …. In compositing: Layering all our different passes together to achieve a result we want. Changing the individual lights effect in our scene without the need to re-rendering. Color correcting many of our elements with ease using the masks that we rendered out. Adding extra texture to some objects and learn how to blend them nicely with the scene. Lessons are as follow : 00-General Information 42′:55″ 01-Drawing the building in ArchiCAD 48′:51″ 02-Finishing the building 06′:16″ 03-Modeling the bookshelf 39′:29″ 04-Modeling the rug 21′:21″ 05-Modeling the coffee table 33′:10″ 06-Creating the lamps 21′:10″ 07-Modeling the wall clock 16′:12″ 08-Modeling the vase 11′:53″ 09-Modeling the curtains in MD 09′:11″ 10-Modeling the couch in MD 25′:06″ 11-Modeling the chair in MD 13′:58″ 12-Modeling the sofa in MD 06′:54″ 13-Shading-part 01 20′:21″ 14-Shading-part 02 26′:34″ 15-Shading-part 03 17′:47″ 16-Shading-part 04 07′:29″ 17-Shading-part 05 14′:39″ 18-Shading-part 06 09′:14″ 19-Lighting & Rendering 28′:05″ 20-Compositing 16′:24″ 官方地址: ... ation-in-v-ray-3-0/ 下载地址: 链接: 密码:0gaq

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