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1594 1802 1803 1801 内容介绍: Compared to feature film, game animations need to be created quickly and sometimes without iteration. Kyle Kenworthy has been a game animator at Schell Games for 6 years, working on projects including Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Disney's Toontown & Mechatars. In this 3 week course Kyle will demonstrate techniques for rapidly creating video game based animations. You will learn tips and tricks that will help you be successful in a video game environment. Kyle will teach you many useful animation techniques including layered & pose to pose workflows, timing, appeal, animation layers, how to use video reference, and more! Using Maya and picking from a provided free rig, you will take what you’ve learned and quickly create a number of animations including: walk & run cycles, transitions, & a character introduction. This is an intermediate entry level workshop. Students should have an understanding of Maya and the fundamentals of animation. This course will help you become a much faster and more efficient animator, which is key in the video game industry. If you would like to take a look at what you can expect, check out one of Kyle's teaching video's at the bottom of this page. Student Requirements: Intermediate knowledge of Maya & Animation and a passion for bringing characters to Maya 2010 or later 官方网站: 下载地址: 百度云盘链接: 密码:9zqd

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