creativeLIVE: Mastering InDesign with Jason Hoppe

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本帖最后由 mylovetoyuo 于 2013-12-31 13:59 编辑 1546 1547 Description: creativeLIVE: Mastering InDesign with Jason Hoppe Becoming a master of print publishing requires a good understanding of InDesign. To start with the basics of quality typography, strong page layout, smart color choices you can begin to design a strong page layout. Once you begin to use the powerful tools that InDesign CS6 offers, you'll find that there are tips and tricks at every turn that will help elevate your skills to the next level of design and production.Moving along to a more advanced level of understanding paragraph and character styles to assembling multi-chapter books, you will find that InDesign is much more capable and powerful than most people ever discover. This Master Class will bring you beyond what most people know about InDesign and show how to create interactive files with audio, video, rollovers, forms and many new features that have been added in CS6. Creating your vision across multiple formats from traditional print to newly added tablet and phone app creation capabilities. This course is not just a quick once-over. This course offers techniques and industry insights that will raise your productivity to new heights and allow you to design like never before. Session 1 July 1, 2013 Day 1 Pre-Show 9:00 am - Interface Overview 9:15 am - Document Setup 10:00 am - Preferences and Customization 11:00 am - Type and Text Basics 11:30 am - Text Flow 12:45 pm - Text Wrap 1:00 pm - Glyphs and Text Utilities 1:30 pm - Containers and Shapes 2:30 pm - Modifying and Positioning Containers 3:15 pm - The Pen Tool Day 1 Wrap-Up Session 2 July 2, 2013 Day 2 Pre-Show 9:00 am - Working with Color 9:30 am - Color Q&A 10:00 am - The Effects Panel 10:45 am - Images and the Links Panel 11:15 am - Contact Sheet: Grids, Captions & Options 11:30 am - Importing and Displaying Images 12:45 pm - Layers 1:15 pm - The Pages Panel 1:30 pm - Page View and Transitions 2:30 pm - Printing 2:45 pm - Exporting to PDF 3:00 pm - Preflight 3:30 pm - General Q&A Day 2 Wrap-Up Session 3 July 3, 2013 9:00 am - Master Pages: Layout & Style 10:45 am - Advanced Paragraph Styles 12:45 pm - Creating Tables 2:30 pm - Table of Contents, Indexing, Book Features 下载链接: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5252F3F68B363718C713C3B76248CAAA7B7F0B97&dn=creativeLIVE%20Mastering%20InDesign

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