dashu 2018-04-13发布 5335次浏览 63条评论 0人采集 给作者打赏国币 0 0 作者作品欣赏: h... 作者作品欣赏: 内容介绍: This workshop is an introduction to animal drawing covering topics such as rhythm, design, form, gesture, proportion and basic anatomy. Joe's workshop will teach participants the fundamentals of animal anatomy. The content within this survey will also serve as a starting point for drawing the live model, drawing from imagination, and offer a basic approach that can be built upon with more advanced studies. With emphasis placed on proper distribution of mass via line weighting and placement, along with instruction on how to create dynamic poses and composition, Joe's workshop will give the beginning artist the foundation they need to create not only great art, but functional organic design as well. 官方地址: 下载地址:

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