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[i=s] 本帖最后由 无根的野草 于 2013-6-14 11:55 编辑 [/i] 经过几个月的艰苦工作,Exotic Matter开发出流体模拟插件Naiad 0.6。该软件是迄今为止最新、功能最强大的Naiad系列插件。 Exotic Matter并没有披露Naiad 0.6的细节信息,只表示Naiad 0.6及以后发布的版本可运行于64位Windows、Mac OSX Lion及Linux系统。 [attach]551[/attach][attach]552[/attach] Ensure that you have Administrator privileges andthat all folders and files are not hidden.Also your system clock should be set to the current(correct) date and time. 1. Uninstall any version of Naiad on your system. 2. Delete all folders named "x-formation" in thefollowing locations:\ProgramData\Users\_user_name\Appdata\Local\Users\_user_name\Appdata\Roaming. 3. Install Naiad 0.60.70: choose "Evaluation License"and install to the default "rogram Files" location.DO NOT INSTALL THE LICENSE SERVER!!!!You can install the Naiad Buddies if you wish to. 4. Do not start up Naiad after install!!! 5. Copy and paste the included "Naiad-0.6" folderto "\Program Files\Exotic Matter" - overwrite theexisting files when prompted. 6. You can now run Naiad Studio or Naiad cmd.7. Brought to you by: JGSFor all my CGP friends 确定你有管理员权限和你所有的文件夹没有隐藏 1.卸载你之前的Naiad所有版本 2.删除路径名为“x-formation”的文件夹,如在下列路径下:\ProgramData\Users\_user_name\Appdata\Local\Users\_user_name\Appdata\Roaming. 3.安装 Naiad 0.60.70 选择"Evaluation License"安装在默认的"Program Files"下不要安装许可Exotic Matter License Server 4.安装后不要马上启动Naiad 5.复制"Naiad-0.6"这个文件夹粘贴到"\Program Files\Exotic Matter"覆盖他。 下载: [color=darkorange][hide] [/color] [color=darkorange]115:[/color][url=][color=darkorange][/color][/url] [color=darkorange]迅雷:[/color][url=][color=darkorange][/color][/url] [color=darkorange][/hide][/color] [补种可通过下方评论留言迅速充值VIP下载全网资源]

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