Nuke 7.0 V8 Win

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[i=s] 本帖最后由 davidchou 于 2013-7-15 10:35 编辑 [/i] Nuke 7.0 V8 Win With Genarts Monster OFX and Sapphire V7 Patches and Updated Plugins [b]escription:[/b] 1. Install NUKE 7.0 v8 and all other plugins from plugin folder. 2. For Monster and sapphire use This crack system: { 1. Install sapphire-ofx-install-7.0.exe. 2. Choose No license and finish the installation 3. open sapphire.v7.-.ofx.-x64.-.v2-patch.exe 4. select patch. 5. sapphire-ofx activated. Now monsters-ofx: 1. install monsters-ofx64-install-latest.exe. 2. Choose enter ur serial numb. now 3. open genarts_keygen_2013_1.1.exe 4. choose Monsters GT v7 for OFX/Nuke/Fusion/Scratch from drop down 5. generate serial> copy the serial 6. Paste serial in installation box 7. choose authorize manualy using another computer's web browse>Submit 8. copy machine ID and request code to the patch 9. calculate install code 10. copy install code and paste in enter here box>Submit>activated} NOW, 3. Install FLT 7.0 V2 . 4. Now go to RLM crack and place it in C:\Program Files\Nuke7.0v8. activate the RLM CRACK.exe patch. Press the nuke button. Nuke is activated. 5. Now go to Flexlm Crack.Extract all files. 6. Run XF-FLI_5.0v1_win-x86-release-32.exe 7. Drag the foundry.lic file to the Foundary License Intaller... 8. Press Install 9. Successful dialogue box will appear 10. Now use XF-The_Foundry_Flexlm_Patcher_WIN64.exe. 11. Press Patch...Go to C://program files> common files> OFX (DONT USE NUKE 7.0 V8 OR ANY OTHER FOLDER TO PATCH OR IT WILL CRASH!!!!) 12.DONE!!! {Sometimes, nuke may ask for the licence, in that case run the RLM crack pressing Nuke Button, it will be activated again} 解压密码:[url=][/url] 下载链接: [hide][url=][/url][/hide] [补种可通过下方评论留言迅速充值VIP下载全网资源]

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