VisionColor Luts Osiris 电影级别胶片调色

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VisionColor Luts Osiris 电影级别胶片调色预设 达芬奇DaVinci Resolve &SG 4278 4277 [atta...
VisionColor Luts Osiris 电影级别胶片调色预设 达芬奇DaVinci Resolve &SG 4278 4277 4276 4275 内容介绍: VisionColor: OSIRIS is a collection of 9 high quality cinematic film emulations that turn generic video footage into dazzling cinematic visuals with the click of a button. Optimized for color spaces of all current generation cameras and color grading applications, this collection is an essential tool for filmmakers, cinematographers and colorists who want to speed up their workflow and increase their production value with the organic quality of expertly processed and color timed film stocks. The organic looks of this collection are based on analog film colorimetries, digitally and photochemically processed and developed by industry professionals, scanned using state of the art technology and converted to 3D LUTs using a pixel-perfect IMS. All films were processed and developed at Light Works and scanned at Monaco, SF. In this paragraph, we’re making random words bold to see if you’re paying attention. List of presets OSIRIS is a collection of complex 3D LUTs generated by a high quality IMS for pixel accurate conversion of digital video to match the aesthetic qualities of analog reference scans. Vision 4 Vision 6 Vision X PRISMO JUGO KDX M31 DK79 DELTA OSIRIS comes with Rec.709 and LOG versions of all presets which are optimized for all current generation cameras and color grading applications*. Also included are several utility LUTs for fast and easy color space conversion ensuring an efficient workflow. System Requirements Convenient installer package (MAC/PC) for DaVinci Resolve & Adobe Speedgrade! In order to apply the OSIRIS LUTs to your footage at least one of the following applications has to be properly installed on your system: DaVinci Resolve Adobe Speedgrade Adobe Photoshop CS6+ Adobe After Effects CS5+ Adobe Premiere Pro CS5+ * Adobe Premiere CC (Lumetri Color Engine) Apple Motion 3,4 * Apple Shake Final Cut Pro 6,7 * Pandora Revolution/Pixi Nuke Cineform Firstlight Assimilate SCRATCH Digital Vision Film Master FilmLight BaseLight Quantel Pablo any software that supports 3D LUTs (* requires Magic Bullet LUT Buddy by Red Giant Software.) LUTs come in .cube format. Please contact us for format conversion. (.CMS,.3DL,.LUT and more). 解压密码 下载链接: 链接: 密码:4it5

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