Lynda叙事场景剪辑(Narrative Scene Editing

dashu 2018-04-13发布 4433次浏览 51条评论 0人采集 给作者打赏国币 0 0 内容介绍:How shots are assembled, performances are revealed, and images are ordered are a few of the ingredients that turn a good film into a great film. This course shows filmmakers and film editors how to make critical creative and technical decisions and dynamically present their vision with Final Cut Pro. Author Abba Shapiro illustrates important techniques for putting shots together to create a short film, covering the entire post-production process—from organizing footage, crafting scenes, and editing dialog, to building montages and adding music. Each step of the process is rich with object lessons that are applicable to situations editors face in the real world. 讨论的主题有: Preparing and importing your media Evaluating shots and performances Incorporating additional assets like images Editing a dialog scene Adding reaction shots Using alternative takes Editing a montage Selecting and organizing clips Enhancing a scene with audio Replacing location audio or a dialogue track Transitioning between scenes Using creative color and effects 官方地址: ... Pro-X/111783-2.html 下载链接: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:74CA2545901570CE1027EADE7465150DD75BE040&

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