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3129 3130 3131 3132 3133 内容介绍:Professor: Matt Leonard Software Version: v6.2 & v6.3 Original Run Date: May 2011 Level II - Intermediate (12 Hours 50 Mins Approx.) - Welcome to Level II, an intermediate course for The Foundry’s Nuke, made by trainers for trainers. With around 13 hours of material we believe this alongside Level I will equip you to teach Nuke to the highest standard. Like Level I the course is kept completely up-to-date as new versions of Nuke are released, and with access to the Professor via the forums this course is a must for anyone looking to become an accredited Nuke trainer. Over these next ten classes you will cover many aspects of Nuke including working with 3rd party data, accurate pan and tile systems for sky replacements, 3D roto, advanced keying and grain management. We’ll also be looking at 3D tracking, lens distortion tools, rig removal and cleanup techniques, set extensions, and Coverage and Environmental Mapping. On top of all this we’ll be covering the creation of dense point clouds and generating geometry from them, photogrammetry techniques and working with the projection solver. We’ll be covering stereoscopic compositing plus a detailed look at expressions and python in Nuke. Finally we’ll look in-depth at Nuke’s preferences, metadata, gizmos and more Utilities. 下载链接: 链接: 密码: ci5p

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