NUKE与Houdini合成食人魔Compositing a 3D Ogre

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Digital Tutors - Compositing a 3D Ogre into a Live Action Scene in NUKE and Houdini6761 内容介绍: Duration 5h 6m Level Adv...
Digital Tutors - Compositing a 3D Ogre into a Live Action Scene in NUKE and Houdini6761 内容介绍: Duration 5h 6m Level Advanced Project Files Included Software used NUKE 8 and Houdini 14 What you will learn Throughout these tutorials we will be learning the pipeline workflow for live action/CG incorporation using NUKE and Houdini.We'll start by creating the matchmove camera track from our footage and from there move into Houdini for setup. We will then animate, light, and render an ogre gone amuck in Chicago. Moving back into NUKE, we'll composite multiple passes to give us the final shot. By the end of this training, you'll learn how to make both applications work in harmony to create your own visual effects piece. 1. Introduction and project overview01:10 2. Removing distortion from the plate shot11:14 3. Preparing the footage for tracking using roto masks08:04 4. Tracking the footage09:54 5. Solving the tracks for a camera09:30 6. Refining the solve06:31 7. Orienting our scene14:09 8. Setting our scene scale using constraints11:47 9. Building out scene geometry08:08 10. Continuing to build geometry07:59 11. Exporting the scene to Houdini04:41 12. Introduction to the ogre13:08 13. Merging the scene with the ogre16:52 14. Posing the character for animation08:56 15. Setting up a preview render10:55 16. Lighting the scene10:55 17. Reviewing the animation pass03:52 18. Estimating a safe overscan resolution03:56 19. Creating overscan to the camera using expressions06:23 20. Continuing to use scripting10:01 21. Fixing geometry overlap using Visibility nodes12:24 22. Checking the geometry on the ogre13:20 23. Setting up image planes in the Mantra Render node11:56 24. Creating the ground shadow pass06:23 25. Creating the color mask pass11:13 26. Adding lens distortion to our Houdini renders07:27 27. Adding the ground shadow pass05:53 28. Using the position pass to color correct the feet05:18 29. Adding in the occlusion shadow pass to the ogre03:37 30. Setting up the Color Correction nodes for the ogre04:26 31. Adding motion blur to the ogre04:53 32. Adding depth of field blur to the ogre06:27 33. Adding additional blurs for realism02:15 34. Adding grain and fixing alpha render errors03:36 35. Simulating chromatic aberration06:23 36. Adding ground occlusion at the feet of the ogre08:00 37. Creating the light wrap02:32 38. Building the cold breath of the ogre05:08 39. Finishing off the shot with glows and foreground roto06:58 官方网站: 下载链接: 链接: 密码: ph4k

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