FXPHD–影视基地nuke8高级教学(NUK308: Adva

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79467945794479437942 内容介绍: This new course is aims to offer a var...
79467945794479437942 内容介绍: This new course is aims to offer a variety of different challenges for the developing Nuke artist. Focusing on projections and environments we will be tackling a series of different problems and utilizing the camera tracker, stills solver and meshing tools as well as a variety of other 3rd party tools. Leading up to the course a variety of test footage, lidar scene and hdri photography has been gathered to give us a host of on set data to utilize. There is a broad course outline but it is subject to change as interesting and different problems present themselves throughout the term. Russell Dodgson is Framestores' Integrated Advertising divisions 'Worldwide Head Of Nuke' based in London. His day to day work involves a mixture of on set supervision, comp and vfx supervising as well as a host of other roles. He has been working closely with the Foundry for many years now, often assisting in demonstrations and launch presentations. 官方地址:http://www.fxphd.com/fxphd/courseDetails.php?idCourse=423&v=popup 下载地址: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:157AC754A65B0A008A5E133403A31D8BBD68E845&dn=FXPHD.NUK308AdvancedNUKE8

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