cmiVFX_汽车可视化教程( Modo Automotive Visu

dashu 2018-04-13发布 2762次浏览 30条评论 1人采集 给作者打赏国币 0 0 内容介绍: Modo was first intro... 内容介绍: Modo was first introduced as a modeling application but soon, its developers, introduced new features to produce high quality imagery. This training will show you how to use Modo for creating automotive imagery in several situations.From this video you will get access to several techniques to properly light your model in a studio environment and integrate it with a photo backplate.
This training isn?t an introduction to Luxology?s Modo, so having a general knowledge about the software is advisable. This video was made possible with the support of two key companies , HDRI-Locations and HDRI-Locations kindly provided us the HDR maps used to teach the lessons and provided us the Camaro model used to teach the techniques included in this video. 官方地址: 下载地址: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:644C8AE3D186D21B00F24E043E60AD443546E293&dn=CGCookie%20Intro%20to%20hard%20surface%20modelling

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