MAYA鸟翅膀绑定 DT Rigging Wings in Maya

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4465 4464 4463 内容介绍: Digital-Tutors : Rigging Wings in Maya this course, we will learn how t...
4465 4464 4463 内容介绍: Digital-Tutors : Rigging Wings in Maya this course, we will learn how to rig a wing in Maya. We will first cover some things to consider when constructing the control rig. From there, we will set up the wing, step by step, making sure the system we build will be sufficient to the needs of an animator. We will also build a few MEL scripts to work efficiently. 1. Introduction and project overview 2. Understanding the wing 3. Building the primary bones of the wing 4. Adding extra joints for the wing fold 5. Creating the feather bones 6. Binding the wing 7. Setting up the primary animation controls of the wing 8. Auxiliary wing controls 9. Finishing the auxiliary controls 10. First level of fanning controls for the feathers 11. Creating a system for extra feather controls 12. Building twist controls for the feathers 13. Connecting the twist parameters to the control objects 14. Applying the Blend Shapes 15. Second level of fanning controls for the feathers 16. Creating controls to fan the feathers collectively 17. Finishing the feather spread rig 18. Starting on the bend rig for the feathers 19. Painting weights on the feathers 20. Bend controls for the feathers 21. Refining the weights of the curves tied to the clusters 22. Connecting the clusters to the mid feather controls 23. Bend controls for the end of the feathers 24. Animation controls for the end clusters 25. Finishing the end controls of the feathers 26. Automating the wing fold 27. Layering the wing as it folds in 28. Correcting the feathers during the wing fold 29. Completing the wing fold system 30. Cleaning up the scene 31. Fixing interpenetration as the wing deforms 32. Setting up Character Sets 解压密码 下载链接:链接: 密码:6xmx

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