nCloth基础教学(Digital Tutors - Introduction

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1599 内容介绍: This Maya nCloth Tutorial will help you...
1599 内容介绍: This Maya nCloth Tutorial will help you master many of the important tools and features of nCloth, and help you get a solid foundation for easily creating realistic clothing simulations in Maya. Creating realistic, believable cloth simulations has always been a daunting task for artists who are working in feature films, television shows, video games, or wherever these types of effects may be required. We begin this course with an overview of the important steps and workflows to keep in mind whenever starting your nCloth simulations. From there, we will explore the Nucleus node, which lies at the heart of our nDynamic simulations, we will discuss many of the attributes that relate to our cloth solver, we will learn the importance of scene scale in our simulations, how to increase the quality of our nCloth simulations, and many additional topics throughout this course. 官方地址: 下载地址: [补种可通过下方评论留言迅速充值VIP下载全网资源]

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